Underwater Scooter / DPV

You want to dive like James Bond? Swim faster then most fish? Explore new dive sites? Then try our underwater scooter / dpv.

Mango is the only dive center on the gili islands, which offers diving with scooter / dpv (diver propulsion vehicle). Our scooter from Bonex, model Ecos+, are made in Germany according to the highest quality standards and technical one of the best you can get on the scooter market.

Compared to a regular fundive, you use less air with a scooter, cover bigger dive areas and it's so much fun!!!

Choose between:

  • Scooter fundive (for divers holding a scooter certification) - 990.000 Rupiah
  • Scooter adventure dive - 1.490.000 Rupiah
  • Advanced course with a scooter dive - 5.400.000 Rupiah
  • Scooter/DPV specialty course (2 dives and certification) - 3.500.000 Rupiah